About Us

Synthra GmbH is a company in located in Hamburg, Germany with customers worldwide who trust in our experience in the fields in radiopharmaceutical production, lab automation, targetry and quality control.

Dr. Bruno Nebeling, Synthra's founder and CEO, is considered a pioneer on automated production of molecular imaging tracers. He already built some machines before he finally founded the company in 2008 and worked on building up its revenue by supplying high quality solutions for customer needs. Today, several of the world’s most successful automated radiosynthesizer lines are based on his ideas and development.

A matter close to Synthra's heart is to help develop state-of-the-art tracer compounds and make them available to patients but without compromising the environment in which we all live in. We try to reduce the amount of contaminated waste to a minimum. Our self-cleaning system eliminates the need to dispose of tubing, valves and reactors after each synthesis without increasing the user's effort. New advancements in the field can be implemented into the production by just a few clicks with a mouse. The amount of contaminated solid waste is therefore minimized to the most necessary things.

Every module we have built in our company history is still usable. We want to convince our customers with the longevity of our Radiosynthesizers, which also goes hand in hand with our conviction for sustainable business practices.

Our team is driven to support the customer with our Know-how and our short reaction time for fulfilling your professional needs.

Synthra – Desire and Passion for Radiosynthesizers