Synthra, your first choice in PET-tracer automation

Synthra is a worldwide leading and specialized manufacturer of branded radiosynthesizers and concentrates over 40 years of experiences in the field of radiopharmaceutical production, quality control and lab automation.

We undertake automated production of molecular imaging tracers and continuously provide innovative solutions to facilitate and improve the production of tracers for Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

Synthra MeIplus - Production of 11C-labeled compounds.

Our portfolio comprises modules for the production of 11C- and 18F-radiotracers as well as other radioisotopes. It includes radiosynthesizers (incl. customized modules), HPLC equipment for purification and quality control, spare parts and service.

One of our unique features is the Self-Cleaning System: A built-in, fully automated filling and cleaning system that is comprised by a full set of additional valves, manifolds and solvent supply bottles. This allows the system to be rinsed automatically after each run– without opening the hot cell. The downtime between syntheses is therfore reduced.

Production Range

Synthra provides products and services for the production of any 11C-tracer, e.g. [11C]Methionine, [11C]Choline, [11C]DASB or [11C]Raclopride and any 18F-tracer by nucleophilic or electrophilic substitution, e.g. [18F]FDopa, [18F]FDG, [18F]FLT, [18F]FMiso, etc…